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Got one for my slowish action 6'6" 3wt fly rod and it quickly became my favorite rig to cast. Their innovations and contributions in fly fishing tackle design, catch and release ethics, and fly casting instruction are without peer. Following up on the release from Royal Wulff Products about how it had won various magazine honors for its Ambush fly line, I asked if I could fish one myself on a bonefishing trip to the Bahamas. A change was made by marketing because the dual system confused a lot of line buyers - Wulff over-simplified what was actually a simple system. Of the many innovations that Lee Wulff has contributed to fly fishing, the Triangle Taper fly line is perhaps the most popular. FREE Shipping by Amazon. It shoots line nicely, then when it runs out of power, perfectly turns over a small fly and gives you a nice presentation. Wulff Ambush Line – On the water: The Wulff Ambush line is a very versatile streamer line. The WF -6 - F (floating) line is the one I've been using for all my new fly casting videos, and I've used it (TT's in various weights) for many fly casting demonstrations for many years. The line floats fairly well and is easy to pick up to be recast. Think of the diagram as a picture of the fly line in profile with the thickness of the line exaggerated. The floating version of Royal Wulff’s notorious Triangle Taper comes in a variety of sizes from a 2wt through a 9wt. The Hype: The Triangle Taper is Royal Wulff’s most well-known line built for the efficient transfer of casting energy, delicate presentations, and roll casting. They’re also slightly textured for improved friction-minimizing performance. I do a lot of saltwater fly fishing for Luderick and Kingfish and well; whatever else will eat a fly on Sydney Harbor and Botany Bay. Lee Wulff's design was the first modern line with a long taper similar to Alexander Grant’s continuous taper lines and it is marketed as the Lee Wulff Triangle Taper. It certainly helped cast bigger flies and the fluorescent shooting head glows well with UV illumination and makes casting at night a real pleasure. They also are thinner and feel lighter to me than the Wulff lines and I like to cast them. Wulff reckoned that the continuous forward taper used in the head of the Triangle Taper design was the most efficient way of transferring energy because the heavier line at the rear was constantly turning over the thinner and lighter line in the front. Casting into a stiff wind? Be the first to review this product . Then, I talked to James Castwell and he let me in on a little secret that changed everything. Interestingly enough, the line didn’t have the stellar turnover we were expecting from a Triangle Taper. The Hype: Royal Wulff added a 2-Tone color scheme to the Bermuda Triangle Taper for easier loading and casting. The presentations are very delicate, still because of the very progressive taper that should be matched with a leader tapered similarly. The Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Fly Line is unique thanks to its triangle taper. The line has moderate stretch, which preserve light tippets. The short rear taper on the Ambush Fly Line makes roll casting and shooting line easy and lends itself to the various single hand spey casts. Bottom Line: This is a solid streamer line that turns over large flies well and shoots line for quick shots at cruising, schooling fish. Pick the Nimbus if you want accuracy and short-to-mid distance smoothness out of a nine four. Advanced fly casters will also like how it casts: short, fast cast to a moving target? The … For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The line performs best at longer distances with smaller flies. So the rod was purchased and I needed a line. Most general-purpose head lengths fall between 35 and 45 feet. Using long tapers? The Hollow Fleye Squid is a phenomenal pattern for Stripers keyed in on schooling Squid at night and during the day. The old Triangle Taper 5/6 is now the Triangle Taper 5. The aggressive front “triangle” taper allows me to throw versitip sinking leaders and all but the biggest of bugs on the 5wt with relative ease. Casting light to heavy flies? Finally, its light tip gives it nearly perfect presentation with the ability to deliver a fly with not even a ripple (only Rio Trout LT is better). I love the standard Wulff TT floating fly lines. It still shoots well today though the small ribs on the coating got smoothened out. Casting Notes: This line (theoretically) casts the same as the Bermuda Triangle Taper. Let’s look at what makes this … I spent the first forty years or so of my fly tying career working with an ancient Thompson 'B', which never let me down and still works perfectly - it just became a little embarrassing with all the fancy vises on the market. The special taper features a continuous forward taper to increase your casting distance in a tight spot. Sept 29th-30th Dick’s , Mark from DOA and Blair Wiggins, Underwater drone at the Bull Shark Barge, Power Ray, Leader Construction for Saltwater fly fishing, by Serge Thomas, The unveiling… G Loomis NRX Fly Rod Gear Review initial thoughts, Cortland Tropic Plus Tarpon Fly line Review, Fly Fishing for redfish in Tampa Bay, “Spring Turkey As We Await Our Spring/Summer Fishery To Light Up”, “Winter Snook ENP ~ Winter Red PI” Happy New Year. It was the first line we cast that really stood apart from the group. MY ACCOUNT LOG IN; Join Now | Member Log In. The Triangle Taper is a continuous forward taper in the head of the line, the first 27 to 40 feet depending on the application. Triangle Taper fly lines just got better! It’s also worth noting that these two lines are built on a 16-strand mono core that stays stiff in high heat. I just put it on both of my 8-weight rods, a Sage Xi-2 and TFO BVK , and it's easily the best line for casting at our small rolling tarpon around here, especially in the canals of Matlacha. I tried a 2/3wt TT on my #3 Gatti rod and was so convinced it was a poor casting line I was ready to give it up totally. Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Saltwater Bermuda Textured Fly Line: Amazon.com.au: Sports, Fitness & Outdoors Skip to main content.sg. They are nice casting lines with most of the modern bells and whistles, but like any line - you need to test drive them to see if you like how it casts. royal wulff triangle taper fly line review The loop stability was similar to other average fly lines in the shootout and it didn’t really stand out. The Hype: The most efficient transfer of casting energy as it unrolls because the heavier line is constantly turning over lighter line. Get it as soon as Wed, Jan 13. The original, easy-casting Triangle Taper fly line. With J3, the line stays clean and slick for the life of the line! A West Coast influenced design for single-hand casting, single Spey, Skagit, scandi, switch, and double Spey. This post is part of our Fly Line Shootout, so if you haven't read our main post, you probably want to check it out. There are some situations, when I thought the line could be slightly outperformed by others: slick calm days (because of the fat head= the first 30 feet of line is heavier than the recommended by the AFTM) and accuracy at long distance (though the line was very accurate for its short head). Lee Wulff Triangle Taper: Kombinieren Sie die unvergleichlichen Abrolleigenschaften einer Triangel mit den Vorteilen einer schnell sinkenden Spitze und Sie erhalten eine Schnurvariante, die die verschiedenen Tiefenbereiche mühelos abdeckt. No problem. Bietet alle Vorteile einer WF-Schnur, lässt sich aber so fein präsentieren wie eine DT-Schnur. royal wulff triangle taper fly line review I'd expect Joan Wulff to have her eye on recent developments is line making technology and, before long, I'd be surprised if some new taper designs from Wulff and Co. don't move the TT down the bench. Think Bonefish. Price: $72.95 . The Royal Wulff 4 Weight Ivory / Willow Green Triangle Fly line is renowned for its revolutionary taper design which promotes efficient energy transfer. Floating with welded loop. I find the bass tapers make good lines for redfish and speckled trout fishing. One person found this helpful Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Fly Line Ivory 4F at Amazon.com. This line is extremely popular in freshwater angling scenarios because of its unique taper design. See the notes on that line. Originally designed for roll casting in close quarters, the short 20’-29’ heads are ideal FREE Delivery on orders € 100 or more. Prime. The Sylk lines I use (I have 3 of them) don't have much line "memory" even in very cold water. No problem! This line is probably the most versatile of all and is easy to cast at any level. I can't compare either Wulff or Cortland plastic lines with actual silk lines which are much thinner and generally cast much better on rods they match up with. 4.4 out of 5 stars 24. After I patched the holes with Goop, the line is still quite useable, though the tip does not float as well as it used to. Let’s look at what makes this line different. While the theory behind TT+ is solid – Shorter head, more weight – in practice, it just doesn’t work all that well. Among the many unique inventions and patented products they developed are the Triangle Taper Fly Line, the Wristlok, The Fly-O, the Bermuda Triangle Taper, the Ambush Fly Line, and the 2-tone line. I have separated the triangle taper line design out from the other weight forward Spey lines for special mention because its floating version has caught me so many fish over the years. J3 coating makes Triangle Tapers perform like never before: Shooting better, floating higher, repelling water, and lasting longer. I used mine for two seasons until a friend of mine borrowed it and fed it to its trolling motor (with the rod tip chopped in 4 pieces). It’s also one of the lightest lines at 10’ with a mere 38 grains. Get it as soon as Wed, Sep 30. The Hype: The Bermuda Shorts Triangle Taper features a short head and allows you to “blast with a single backcast”. This line loaded the Meridian really well at short distances and allowed us to cast large flies accurately and easily punch them into the wind with minimal false casting. Banning Collins talks with Fishhound about the new Royal Wulff Ambush Fly Lines at the 2010 IFTD trade show in Denver, CO. For lighter midge work TT or Sylk lines are still the number, but for swinging wooly buggers or a pair of soft hackles the Ambush lines can't be beat. I have it rigged up on a 9′ 5wt Loop Cross S1, as well as a 10′ 8wt Echo Ion. Try it, you'll like it. One of our most popular lines. delivery time 1-4 business days . It’s got a continuous taper, with virtually no belly in the traditional sense (you’ll note that we listed a 29’ length in the chart because we used Royal Wulff’s guidelines). Features J3 coating for shooting farther, floating higher and lasting longer. Lee Wulff Triangle Taper Bass J3 Fliegenschnur Floating Die kurze Keule mit dem lang auslaufendem Front Taper verhält sich Überkopf wie ein Schusskopfund benötigt nur wenige Leerwürfe, um auf beachtliche Distanzen zu kommen– effizienter kann man große Streamer oder Popper kaum werfen. The tip end can be customized by cutting it back for the desired performance level.”. The Royal Wulff 2 Weight Triangle Fly line is renowned for its revolutionary taper design which promotes efficient energy transfer. Royal Wulff Floating Bermuda Triangle Taper, 2-Tone Line. Each has its pros and cons, but any of these would make a good choice if you're looking for a first intermediate. Soon thereafter, Lee put his engineering skills to work and earned a patent for the first continuously tapered fly line: the Triangle Taper. Gear Review: Royal Wulff Bermuda Shorts Fly Line Royal Wulff's Bermuda Shorts fly lines are part of their Triangle Taper series and have a 22 foot head making it incredibly quick to load and shoot. Winner of the coveted Kudo award,the triangle taper offers the greatest delicacy of any fly line. That line just does it all and fairly well. Following in the footsteps of back-weighted lines like the Wulff Triangle Taper, the Rio Trout LT offers excellent control, casts long, and lands lightly. They are GREAT casting lines! Other than casting, the line is very resilient. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Effortless at all distances. The Reviews: Royal Wulff Triangle Taper. Trident Fly Fishing is a full service fly shop. Sign up for our Newsletter, a monthly dose of new ideas and exclusive deals on great gear, sent directly to your inbox. With its slightly bumpy, harder, smoother, finish the Wulff 2-Tone Bermuda Triangle Taper delivers extremely long, accurate casts in the hottest conditions. ROYAL WULFF Triangle Taper Fliegenschnüre sind seit Jahrzehnten nicht mehr wegzudenken aus der Fliegenfischer- Szene - diese Schnüre sind weltweit im Einsatz und haben sich aus guten Gründen einen ausgezeichnenten Ruf erworben. Many of the best trout fishermen I know use and love TT floating lines. The freshwater lines roll cast really well but we found that the saltwater line didn’t quite capture that same efficient energy transfer throughout the cast. As you point out in the review the TT excels as a "dry fly" line, nymphs and streamers are a whole other matter. Easy! The Triangle Taper is a continuous forward taper in the head of the line, the first 27 to 40 feet depending on the application. Like other ‘quick shooting’ lines with an aggressive front taper, this line received a bad ‘presentation’ score because of its aggressive nature. The Bermuda Shorts Triangle Taper would make a great line for Bull Reds in Louisiana or big flies at short distances in the mangroves for Snook and other species. No problem! I have Complete sets of shooting heads for 6, 7, and 9 wt rods. This provides the most efficient transfer of casting energy as it unrolls because the heavier line is constantly turning over lighter line. The Wulff Floating Triangle Taper is the perfect trout fly line due to its continuous taper in the front end facilitating delicate presentations. Short heads indeed do not help the fairly inexperienced caster to judge about the right distance when casts over 50-60’ are required… but, on the other side, a short head is easier to handle than a long one. This provides the most efficient transfer of casting energy as it unrolls because the heavier line is constantly turning over lighter line. Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Intermediate Fly Line: Amazon.sg: Sports, Fitness & Outdoors. A great shooting line to use behind the Ambush head is Wulff’s Tracer shooting line, which comes with an 8 inch loop for easy head changing and has a 2 foot bright orange color at the loop end, to help detect where the shooting line and head meet. All the Royal Wulff Triangle Fly Lines including the 4 Weight include the Tri ID system. No one could have said it better. This is an extremely good line for bonefish because it … I also had an 8 wt bass taper on a different reel that was stolen. As much as we loved this line, it’s not perfect. Like the standard Ambush line, this is an integrated shooting head designed for single and two-handed spey and roll casting. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Fly Line TT6F Floating 6 Weight at Amazon.com. This provides the most efficient transfer of casting energy as it unrolls … For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Recently I was introduced into the world of switch rods by a well known fly fisher. We are not a blog, or a review site. Tune in as Jared teaches you the steps to tie the Hollow Fleye Squid with tips, techniques, and advice for tying this Hollow Fleye-style Squid pattern. The combination of a long weighted section and a light running line make the Triangle Taper cast like a shooting head for distance. Bottom Line: This is a great line choice in either version for the novice/intermediate angler looking for a fly line that can be used in a multitude of scenarios. We were also left wanting 2-3 colors (to mark the different parts of the line) as well as a loop on the back.

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