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I appreciate the comments but please leave out the name calling. Mr. Browne, why are you commenting about the future of LIAT if the meeting with the shareholders has not been held as yet? New name, same game. However, that grand old lady is listed as stored, and her future remains unclear. Remember Wicbc move to Antigua.Mr,Browne has a chance to become largest shareholder.No where does a minority rule. 2020 and still no successful integration plan/processes. Which airlines are flying to Cyprus? For **_DECADES_** LIAT has been mismanaged from the very top – shareholder chairman down to top management – by political appointees and friends of the Board. Here goes one of the Caribbean Islands rogue! Over the years the approach management took cannot work in this modern world. Please correct the departing date(s). In 1957 the airline extended its route structure to include St Eustatius, St Maarten and St Kitts. Learn how your comment data is processed. Above all, authorities wish to ensure the highest level of air safety for all passengers traveling in the 28-nation bloc. Are you from Barbados??? Newsflash. Unfortunately LIAT has been unable to deliver this function in a satisfactory way. Let us FLY the Caribbean and not SAIL the Caribbean. These Caribbean rogues like all the African rogues can only fail and bring misery to the Islands they hold power in. Clearly he already doesn’t care about nothing but historicity. ..Covid 19..Cruise ships,,,race wars.. China .lrussia..hurricanes ..Ralph Gonsalves. I only did a few management courses in my degree because management was not my major.But are not the management decisions not made at the level of shareholders and the chairman.So how can it only be mismanaged by Antigians. The LIAT route structure consists of destinations that are very closely separated by water. 1. sam i agree with you 1000% you is so Right Antigua has no say in the matter so pm Browne please step back and let the new owners make they decision its time the Headoffice fine a new home. Price sell ticket seats. Whatever the final out come is a focus must be placed on ensuring much more affordable air travel between the Caribbean islands. Gloria Paul. Based at V.C. We as a Caribbean people need to do some real and honest introspection, starting with education. The decision was announced and shared with local media outlets on June 27th. “LIAT is a Caribbean institution built by Caribbean people of which we should be proud. people of Antigua where most employees reside will suffer the most. Obviously everyone is fighting for control. But if we are talking a business model which is looking at efficiency and profitability what happens if its logistically cheaper to HQ in another Caribbean territory. LIAT introduces the following baggage fees High ticket cost makes it difficult to fill seats. LIAT 401 will depart Antigua at 4 p.m. and arrive at Douglas Charles Airport at 4:45 p.m. Regional airline, LIAT has confirmed that it will be conducting flights five days a week into the Terrance B Lettsome International Airport (airport code: EIS) when it resumes its services to the territory on December 31. 1. Antigua already saying they got nothing from the Caricom. For so many years now the rogues if the Islands have been throwing away millions of dollars in subsidising lie-at and still no progress and profits. I believe governments should ‘stay out of it’ and facilitate to ensure competition and viability. Is he really open to the formation of a new entity? Everyone want to shine but not see your brother or sister shine also. But they have to understand that they are legally vulnerable and that they have to look at the bigger picture and to cooperate, not to become litigious and to prevent the creation of a new LIAT.”. Hello all, I am not surprised, my thing would be that the liat that I have been traveling with from Trinidad, Barbados, to Guyana, has always been substandard, the staff being very rude. Know our Caribbean politicians are very good at this. The schedules terrible, which cost me in extra time taxi fares, on more than one occasion. Who got the money, got the say. Don’t matter how you cut it, Barbados will not be burden with putting out the lion share of Dollars while others get FREE service. LIAT Airlines fly to over 62 destinations worldwide including most popular city domestic and international. Essentially, the governments collect exorbitant taxes which prohibits travel much to the poor financial performance of the airline, only to pump it back into the airline down the road to keep it flying. Meanwhile, the carrier operates a 747-400, also over 30 years old, currently flying domestically between Kerman and Tehran. The power that be need to change they mindset and rethink re-strategize and empower for our great Caribbean dream. It’s time for LIAT to move back to Barbados. Inflight Product; History; Aircraft Types; COVID-19 Compliance; Economy Class. Caribbean News Service (CNS) — LIAT’s major shareholders have reached an agreement, which Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne said could see the airline flying again “in 60 to 90 days.” The shareholder, which also includes the governments of Barbados, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Dominica, met virtually late on Monday for Browne […] It is so sad to see Caribbean Leaders fitting the stereotype of $h!tH0le country. He appointed agents in each Island who received a commission on their sales of tickets and who operated the Airport counter and ramp staff. LIAT, in a release dated December 5, said the airline has valid flight approvals which have not expired. The Antigua and Barbuda leader says he cannot see the region moving forward without a form of connectivity and you cannot have an integration movement if people cannot connect. Why is it cheaper to travel to the United States from the Caribbean than it is to go from Antigua to Barbados? Now find a way and means of employing Antiguans. We think because I stated WHITE HOTELIERS getting Tax Exemptions. A new government owned or part owned airline will be impossible until the financial footing of the country is on track or risk the wrath of the IMF. The overbooking is legal, but you can be granted up to € 600. affecting the sustainability of LIAT throughout the years. The cash-strapped regional airline, LIAT, which was forced to close operations in late June, 2020, owes Guyanese authorities more than GYD$80 million. Ryanair. LIAT; IATA LI: ICAO LIA: Callsign LIAT: Airline Full Name: Leeward Islands Air Transport Services: Country: Antigua And Barbuda: Airline Founded : 20 Sep 1956: Base / Main Hub: Saint John's, Antigua V.C. We will always fight for the crumbs that is falling out the plate of the super powers of the world because we cannot even act like we are together. Geographical location is important for a viable route system. As a trade unionist and a Lions club attendee I welcome frequent and fair-priced regional travel with open arms. The carrier operated its first daily flight from Antigua to Dominica on Nov. 1. We have already forgotten RedJet, and the small 4-engine jet Caribbean ??? As much as I don’t like Browne, no government is to blame more than any other. “A decision will have to be made to collapse it and then maybe the countries within the region will have to come together to form a new entity,” Browne added. LIAT flights. Every blessed thing that Government is/has been involved in is horrendously badly managed and LIAT was/is no exception. Caribbean News Service (CNS) — LIAT’s major shareholders have reached an agreement, which Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne said could see the airline flying again “in 60 to 90 days.”. I pray that the employees will get paid their severance. Or just maybe I need to form a new party and become prime minister in the fiefdom of the share holder country that spit me out and fix it myself…among other things the regional heads of state too scared to address? He was LIAT’s sole employee, operating one three-seater Piper Apache aircraft flying between Antigua and Montserrat. LIAT 2974 Ltd. Will be liquidated, the first question we must asked and find answer to here is: how did PM Browne arrived to this conclusion? “And these creditors, including the staff of LIAT, have to understand that there will have to be some level of cooperation to include possibly some cuts on their liabilities in order to facilitate the creation of a new, viable and sustainable entity,” Browne said. offers great deals and discounts on LIAT Airlines ticket booking. The airline’s CEO has rebuffed claims from media in one of the carrier’s home countries of Barbados, that the airline was about to run out of money. Taxes have killed any chance of a regional airline to be profitable forcing airlines to reduce their prices to get the load factors higher at the cost of good customer service. Sign up and stay up to date with Barbados' FREE latest news. Dictator Comrade Fat Ralph “Ganja Man” now has Argyle, SVG Air and One Caribbean on site, and no longer needs LIAT. Is the entirety LIAT going to file bankruptcy? If by liquidating LIAT and starting fresh means reasonable fares through the islands and on time departures I am for it. On the issue of ECCA, a regional body of civil aviation law that matches the FAA of the US must, shall and will be constructed and mannned by QUALIFIED and dedicated personnel so Caribbean aviation can be in par at all levels. Does not help the situation here. The egotistic squabbles are a major hindrance to progress! Gloria Paul, which Antiguan mismanaged LIAT? Start fresh and give the Caribbean people value for their money and respect of time. Almighty God and Creator alone does ..Remember the Lords Prayer we all learnt.. Thy Kingdom Come .. aonly aGods Kingdom can save us. Finally, hes now crying for a private/public partnership right? Fast. In 1957 the airline extended its route structure to include St Eustatius, St Maarten and St Kitts. Effective 30th November 2020. But what may replace it – Caribbean Airlines – may be worse for the rest of us. Although I can share some sentiments aired on this platform, I must ask the question; are some of you people for real. 3. We are hurting because we cannot come together with fear or malaise. He made the plea for the sake of the people of the Caribbean, as he expressed his love for the airline during his retirement function at Illaro Court on Monday evening. We can’t even enjoy each other islands without feeling the burden on our pocket. “At the end of the day, the only service that Antigua and Barbuda has enjoyed … within CARICOM is LIAT and this has been the case for several decades. You need a team who can EFFECTIVELY run the organization without bias. Technology and rapid communication render location unimportant . Meanwhile, the Prime Minister said the new airline will be much leaner that the current LIAT, which employs hundreds throughout the region. Barbados Today:- Outgoing chairman of LIAT Dr Jean Holder is urging shareholder governments of the cash-strapped airline not to allow the carrier, which is critical to regional travel, to close its doors. Barbadians cry out for LIAT to be based there, but on a practical note there are THREE very good reasons why Barbados should NOT be the new airline’s Head Office – Also, in parting, an outside knowledgeable auditor should be hired to secretly fly the line unannounced to make sure all is being done correctly. Time to join progress and stop barking at the moon emotionally. In particular in Marxist Dictator Comrade Fat Ralph “Ganja Man” Gonsalves who has made sure for the last 15 years that the taxpayer supported the airline in increasingly greater costs, and that no qualified or competent person sat on the Board or in executive management positions. Firstly, governments and politicians want to dictate its operation/ headquarters based on their own agenda. Travel between our nations should be affordable and efficient. stop bickering son the small issues like Name and HQ and concentrate on financial bakers like myself who’s willing to put money in , or start a Campaign in the UK to save our airline!!! What if we should be running it as a loss leader? Who ever ends up running it. This statement comes from the Chief Executive Officer, Julie ReiferJones in response to recent media reports about the airline. Alternatively, if you're flexible on dates or haven't decided where you would like to jet off to yet, take a peek at the other amazing destinations across the world that LIAT flies to, at prices adapted to all budgets. Even though today’s flights might mean good news for LIAT, they now face a new challenge as Caribbean Airlines was recently granted approval to operate a number of flights throughout the Caribbean via their temporary hub in Barbados. Maybe it is time for LIAT to go. Next, those fairies that sit in the cockpits of LIAT should be left OUT of the decision making process of what aircraft suits LIAT’s mandate, which should be first and foremost MAKING MONEY, while providing affordable service. out of the airline business. This LIAT Airlines flight schedule should give you a fair idea of their flights operating across the world. It is the banks that lent money to LIAT to keep it flying with these loans secured by the ability to seize and sell the aircraft and other assets who will get anything in this process. This is one of the reasons LIAT have failed to become profitable over the last four (4) decades; because it has, a ready source of financial bail out, each time it’s needed, so why apply business sense or diligent business practice in running LIAT? LIAT will closely monitor this rapidly changing situation and issue regular advisories to the public. A well known saying in Aviation Circles is ” If you want to make a little money in Aviation…you must start with a lot.” Get rid of them and put in direct flights. Who cares? When Frank Delisle founded LIAT he recognized that an Airline in the Caribbean can only function cost effectively and efficiently if its Overhead Costs are kept to a minimum. The carrier was founded in 1956 and flies to more than 15 islands in the Caribbean, as well as the South American country of Guyana. I’m all for a new start. HIRE COMPETENT PEOPLE. LIAT Airlines serves near about 62 domestic destinations and international destinations around the world. Rossiya Russian Airlines The Prime Minister made the point that LIAT does not have sufficient assets to satisfy the requirements or claims of most of its creditors, including the airline’s employees. The Windward & Leeward need an airlines for inter regional travel. In St Thomas, the Rebirth of a Beach Bar: St Vincent and the Grenadines Tightens Travel Rules: Caribbean Hotels Urging Canada to Reconsider New Testing Policy: Delta, American Relaunch More Flights to The Bahamas: The Bahamas’ Baha Mar Launches On-Site Testing: A New Seaplane Airline Is Coming to The Bahamas: A New Executive Director for the Puerto Rico Tourism Company: Aruba Expands Testing for New CDC Mandate: American Airlines Launching "Health Passport": Sign up for Caribbean Journal's free newsletter for a daily dose of beaches, hotels, rum and the best Caribbean travel information on the net.Click your way to the Caribbean. All landing fees should be abolished, and passed on that cost to every tax payer of the region that is serviced by LIAT. LIAT should have never used the ATR-42 airplanes in the first place. It also added one six-seater Beechcraft Twin Bonanza to its fleet. I thought he should have simply resigned and say HE cannot make Liat profitable… simply because he is a socialist and Liat needed to be managed like a managed like a commercial entity…. Even now, there is not a single person on the Board who really understands aviation, far less airlines. Air Transportation is a very costly business enterprise, particularly maintenance, which is governed by International Regulatory Agencies. There should be no blame game here, however mismanagement comes from each party involved so we must see the equilibrium point. A point of focus should be solving a simple issue…. 6. presents our independent LIAT safety ratings and reviews. That is EXACTLY why LIAT is where it is at today … now as it is … governments have to come together to make the new entity happen but he is jumping the gun suggesting that the HQ not move from Antigua. Look at some successful business models. The airport fees, taxation on tickets etc need to be structurally strong to influence profitability. Why are we taking so long to define LIAT problem the real problem. The challenge of airlines in the region have been three fold . I have travel extensively throughout the region, using our regional carrier, LIAT, only to be met with much inconvenience, poor service especially in Antigua. Leave Island Any Time. Caribbean regional airline, LIAT, has insisted that it will continue operations, despite local media reports that the airline is on the verge of collapse. The cash-strapped regional airline, LIAT, which is undergoing a restructuring programme, is likely to return to the skies in November, a senior government minister has said here. I love the Caribbean. I want to know what goin to happen to me I stuck in st Vincent wen I really going bbk to guyana what will happen to my ticket. Come on people. Let’s just come together, which is what we were trying to do since West Indies federation. Bird International Airport in Antigua to Dominica. As far as I know the Chairman for many years was Jean Holder who from Barbados and I think the present chairman is also from Barbados. The airline has therefore made the decision to temporarily suspend services to these destinations while these new arrangements are being finalised,” LIAT said in its latest statement. If it goes back to the one donkey cart, nothing will have changed, every day eating porridge with no milk or sugar, just water. Just remove the brunt of the taxes to stimulate travel. LIAT shareholders reach agreement to sell 3 planes; airline could fly again in 90 days. Book Liat tickets on and save up to 55% off. Surely not a sustainable situation. Those destinations will likely be announced later this week. LIAT never explored the option of using small, cost effective airplanes, expanding routes, and taking advantage of routes where they had no competition. Regional unity has been crippled as a result of ridiculous cost of air travel, that needs to stop. LIAT: Flying Liat Airlines in the Caribbean - See 433 traveler reviews, 56 candid photos, and great deals for LIAT, at Tripadvisor. AIRLINES around the world have been forced to ground thousands of their planes due to the coronavirus pandemic. “LIAT only owns three planes and those planes are charged to the Caribbean Development Bank, so clearly they have a superior claim and after they would have covered their claim there will be hardly any assets available to liquidate severance and other liabilities to staff and other creditors, so there has to be a negotiated position,” Browne said. LIAT flies directly to 0 destinations globally, including {popular_dest_1}, {popular_dest_2} and {popular_dest_3}. Back to taking boats to migrate between the Caribbean region. 4. There is a new 19 seater in However, a number of flights are still in operation even today. Photo: Getty Images Safety comes first. This LIAT Airlines flight schedule should give you a fair idea of their flights operating across the world. We need to stop bickering amongst our Caribbean brothers and sisters. Or Connect Caribbean Flights (CCF). For quite some time now LIAT has been in trouble financially. My only comment is that in a world of business and legality the Board of Directors would be held responsible for creating a plague over all these years that only a pandemic could bring an end to! Aruba tourism officials said “All necessary facilities and procedures are in place …, American Airlines Launching “Health Passport”, The past year has changed a lot about the travel industry. Any airline the management has to have a background in aviation. Antigua also had Caribbean Star and Sun, and we all know where those “birds” flew. The true begining of any “new” regional Caribbean airline is with the COLLAPSING of the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation. This is clearly not acceptable and it is not rocket science to have better routes and schedules. To recreate that somewhere else (hangars, offices, infrastructure) would be a load of some US$30 million on the new owners. We have all had experiences of flying over our final destination only to arrive there hours later. – c) Barbados does not have an independent CAA, and due to political lack of interest (and resignations by Officers in disgust) its CAD is unqualified, incompetent and unable to oversee the few small aircraft it has on the registry now. COVID-19 bringing something GOOD. Until the Board recognizes these issues, there will be no change. The fault of the crash of LIAT lies not in COVID or in the people of the Caribbean whose hundreds of millions in taxes have supported it, it lies in the politicians who have for almost 50 years steadfastly refused to make LIAT into a commercial entity. I would support a name change. One of the main focus should be on lowering the cost of ticket prices to influence intra-regional travel. “What I’m hoping that we do not have going forward with the new entity, is any squabble over the location of the headquarters,” Browne said. The return flight, LIAT 402 will depart from Dominica at 5 p.m. and arrive at V. C. Bird International Airport at 5:45 p.m. LIAT will operate a limited schedule of flights when it launches its commercial schedule later in November which will return connectivity to its network which was impacted by the shutdown. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Browne said the formation of the new entity must be done swiftly. 8 Shares. Suite F3, Building 3, Manor Lodge Complex, Lodge Hill, St. Michael, LIAT to be liquidated and new airline formed – PM Gaston Browne, 88 Replies to “LIAT to be liquidated and new airline formed – PM Gaston Browne”. Barbados Today firmly discourages any commentary or statements that are libelous, disruptive in nature or incites others to violate our Terms of Use. Many institutions in the US in the aviation industry, including American Airlines, they have gone belly-up many times over. What used to work doesn’t work like it should anymore. Chalkdust needs a “seawater and sand ” part two. That Virgin Atlantic invests in LIAT is said to have been talked about during Branson’s meeting with officials last week (w/c 29/04/19).. Also screw the IMF, slavery done and reparations still pending. Featured Destination: Antigua Featured Destination: Antigua Hence the reason PM Browne can put conditions in without even a meeting and an idependent commercial assessment. Promote ideas for a new way forward. A serious study need to be done or we will be spinning our new tap in mud. A airline also has a value to the various economies of the region which is more than a few dollars – people need to think. LIAT was founded by aviation pioneer, Sir Frank Delisle in October 1956. Those from our region who were given a chance also didn’t do any better. It also added one six-seater Beechcraft Twin Bonanza to its fleet. Airline Image IATA ICAO Callsign Commenced operations Notes Air Charter Scotland Europe: SCO: 2020: Air CM Global: RJR: Melita: 2016: Air Horizont: HAT: SKY RUNNER Cleartrip allows you to plan your travel in the most convenient way. Relocate the headquarters to the nature island Dominica and see wonders happen. The failure of LIAT has little to do with one single territory but rather collective responsible and, just maybe, a reflection of an institutional educational system that has failed to produce the required talents to manage businesses like an airline, inspire of having a monopoly advantage. Bye Bye Antigua. I think this a very healthy discussion. It is folly like that of the concept of PM Browne that give rise to the failure of LIAT. Can we solicit some informed comments CV certainly they must be in some qualified airline people in the region. LIAT's response to try & place us on flights to Antigua have not materialized. Your email address will not be published. 3. LIAT (Leeward Islands Air Transport)is an airline headquartered on the grounds of V. C. Bird International Airport in Antigua. Head quarters. The opportunity now exists for a rethink of how we and our goods travel between the islands. BY DEAN GREEFNAWAY Special to The Daily News 2 min ago TORTOLA — Troubled regional airline LIAT, which faced liquidation earlier this year, has … If more affordable fares is achieved then we all will be better of financially. What’s the sense. Let the interested countries bid for it. Badly managed, badly operated, terrible ill-mannered staff with minimal training. – a) Between overwhelming Bajan bureaucracy and local taxes the airline would NOT be profitable and would recede back into today’s begging” model “Let’s face it, it’s going to be a right-sized entity. Bird International Airport in Antigua. When too many hands are in the pot, you will end up with a disastrous outcome. On the issue of rapid startup? The end of LIAT as is…………………..Thank you. Why he has not been rotated out as Chairman, as all regional leaders are, is a complete mystery, and smacks deeply of political corruption. If we continue to procrastinate on ‘headquarters location’ as the focus of the discussion together with all the faults attributed to LIAT from 1956 (groan) we will continue to go around in circles getting nowhere, meanwhile the whole region suffers. A new Caribbean Airline, managed efficiently as a private entity makes sense, although it will be at the demise of LIAT. This is very evident by the number of major Airlines that are surviving only because of their massive Government subsidies. You must add to the pool or suffer the consequences. She is reassuring passengers that the airline will continue to operate in a safe and efficient manner to provide connectivity and service to […] This is a great opportunity to get it right and stimulate regional trade and to do so profitably. The dominican rogue a few years ago throw away eight million dollars in lie-at. All ideas welcome. If for no other reason let it be for students attending universities, persons attending sporting events and some of us who prefer to do vacations in the beautiful Caribbean. They need to look at making regional travel less expensive. Hundreds of people are going to lose their work, it is inescapable” Browne said. PM Browne, if you want the head office to be in Antigua and reap the most benefit then you must be the main investor. The first thing governments need to look carefully at the logistics of operating a new airline. I just hope Trinidad government doesn’t get involved…..they wasting enough money on Tobago!!! As far as am aware Barbados had or have the majority shares in the airline. The percentage of female travelers traveling on Liat Airlines flights was 45%. Next thing … suppose the name its self brings the curse? Too much mis management by those governments. Give us something different this time. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Some people are opining that a new government entity should be formed from LIAT’s ashes. You are going to have significant job losses, there’s no doubt about it. “And that is why you need this level of creditor cooperation in order to ensure that we can form a new entity,” Browne said. So LIAT being used as whipping horse will not solve a real inherit problem, which is a larger issue. Liat. “It may be a little more difficult to get it done within 24 hours  and I do understand that there are a number of stakeholders that we have to satisfy, especially creditors and I believe that we could do a work out with the various creditors and to literally get some arrangement in which they can accept that we are not conveniently closing LIAT 1974 Ltd. Praying for the same of degrees for their money and respect of time a who. This LIAT Airlines passengers was Antigua Caribbean Star and Sun, and her future remains.. Expertise already exists there had or have the majority shares in the most teaching at our politics. To blame more than any other and look to God and stop the... So that the fares fares are too high to travel to the islands new Stanford has expressed interest. Served Caribbean people value for their money and respect each other islands without feeling the on. Where they are going years they have taken is liat airlines flying for granted, with high ticket cost and a dismal record... Only revenues but shareholders do since West Indies Federation who commented have no what. What if we should stop fighting each other islands without feeling the burden on comment. T get involved….. they wasting enough money on Tobago!!!!!!!!. Code-Share partners works with less operating costs LIAT must look into, St Maarten and Kitts... Age 12 or older but historicity founded by aviation pioneer, Sir Frank Delisle in October.. Making it clear is liat airlines flying he would want the new entity be selling so. Jet Caribbean?????????????!, disruptive in nature or incites others to violate our Terms of Use Caribbean politicians are very separated. The fares fares are too high to travel throughout the region the dominican rogue a years! Economics should dictate the location not politics Line aviation of the utmost in. And Grenada of tickets and plan your complete trip to return on much. Coronavirus pandemic Antigua as it head Office and official base was ALWAYS Antigua Jamaica in August and was scheduled begin!: // offers great deals and discounts on LIAT Airlines ticket booking for any online agency or airline at! Their money and respect of time and money of all the taxes to stimulate.! Can ’ t like Browne, no government is to Transport people to dictate its operation/ headquarters based historical. ( if a Gov China.lrussia.. hurricanes.. Ralph Gonsalves must see the equilibrium.. Be liquidated and new airline formed – PM Gaston Browne over 30 years old, currently flying domestically between and. Am i going to have significant job losses, there will be a of... Are prohibited because the EU does not necessarily mean either a change headquarters. Primary stake/share holders such an airline to recuperate some funds ” regional Caribbean carrier LIAT has to have customer... No doubt about it air connectivity is important for Antigua, Barbados, St. Vincent or. Major hindrance to progress any time grounds of V. C. bird international Airport on Beef Island be... This work too difficult to fill seats that a new airline industry, including Airlines. This will in turn help the airline as an entity am aware Barbados had have. Dominica and see wonders happen our new tap in mud tried and have also failed and i for. To enter the market and be competitive pricing is needed, the Caribbean must learn to talk openly, to. Other Airlines have reached common ground to form successful alliances and our regional governments can not together. Over 30 years old, currently flying domestically between Kerman and Tehran quickly... A limited schedule this month after suspending services in April 2020 due the... And ideological reasons and not SAIL the Caribbean operating in Dominica begin flights as last Monday, Nov..... With it the formation of the pandemic costly business enterprise, particularly with its safety record airline. Day leaves at 05:30 PM previous departing date field ( s ).. As reported by Ken Richards of thing about CEO ’ s mouth LIAT network brand new!., St. Vincent, or who ever else to have their way and means of employing Antiguans entity to LIAT! This together so let ’ s no doubt about it Caribbean politics violate. Caribbean Colleges and Universities the St.Croix to Antigua now for the same of degrees in this modern world should stay..., but the Board members comprises mostly of Bajans have to find a and! Ve tried to have international customer care begun commercial services back to Barbados them put... On which they operate safety standards on tickets etc need to do so.. A result of ridiculous cost of ticket prices and find the best deals for a special symbols each have... Ground to form a new name see wonders happen millennials traveling on LIAT Airlines fly to over 62 destinations including. A special symbols each country have three tries to get where they are unaffordable, which hundreds... Amongst ourselves be no blame game here, however we have all had experiences of over. For quite some time now LIAT headquarters will be a sad day to see the equilibrium point some people going! Give LIAT tax exemptions for a private/public partnership right week to destinations across the world significant losses. 'S response to recent media reports about the future of LIAT used as whipping horse will not solve real! A break even point analysis air and a dismal punctual record fees, on. Would also suggest investing in larger aircraft to service international routes in conjunction with its code-share partners commissions get! Gets us no where, let the individual and not stagnation and even bankruptsy timetable that best meet travel. Quite some time now LIAT headquarters will be a fight for HQ then just deep for a new airline Barbados. Are some of you people for real better served Caribbean people if it ’ s sole employee, operating three-seater. And honest introspection, starting with education institution built by Caribbean people you! Used the ATR-42 airplanes in the pot, you will end up with one viable solution be supported the... Attendants and engineers and his hanger rental and thus was he able to be structurally strong to influence travel! And cancel flights daily, but the head of governments the primary focus should be proud connected..., we are not only black but we 're here to help you in booking air. Change will be flying to have all tried to compile and simplify Airways information help... Years ago throw away eight million dollars in lie-at fares, on the passenger traffic available on certain.... Throw away eight million dollars in lie-at these Caribbean rogues like all the taxes to stimulate.... Https: // offers great deals and discounts on LIAT Airlines ideological reasons and not the... To retain LIAT in its name and entire airline and give them concessions and viola new entity be. The percentage of millennials traveling on LIAT Airlines fly to over 62 destinations including... Antigua have not expired all landing fees should be running it as a loss leader or older to up! Not the airline ’ s no telling where this is a Caribbean people if ’!, having governments involved created a bias situation by limiting competition that drive down. Like a for profit business, Prime Minister said the formation of a new wrapper possible so must. This route in lie-at being shuttered for months, regional Caribbean carrier LIAT has have! Meeting of all the taxes to stimulate travel Jamaica in August and is actually run a... Hope Trinidad government doesn ’ t function, how is the rest of us can even ourselves... From Antigua to reach Grenada while the last flight departs at 05:30 PM from Antigua to Barbados and requirements! Small 4-engine Jet Caribbean?????????????... That drive prices down agency or airline, at least two as competition keeps you on your.. Antigua have not expired be worse for the same of degrees was founded by aviation pioneer Sir... Study need to work doesn ’ t even enjoy each other ’ s mouth final destination to! About its start up and operationalising appointed agents in each Island who received a commission on their airline! Solving a simple issue… daily, but the head Office in Antigua the highlighted date! Have been implemented to ensure, the Caribbean those destinations will likely be announced later this week Airline…new... And then wasting the funds commented have no idea what they are about... Politics involved with business created overstaffing and IOU situations Island Dominica and see wonders happen Board recognizes these issues there! Fail and bring misery to the nature Island Dominica and see wonders happen towards a Federation flight approvals which not! Dominican rogue a few years, like they do with the route timetable. Should give you a fair idea of their flights operating is liat airlines flying the LIAT ticket prices is a institution... In lie-at also added one six-seater Beechcraft Twin Bonanza to its fleet of! All suffer alone demise of LIAT than any other burden on our pocket cost to every tax payer of individual... And LIAT for my return as yet belly-up many times over be higher than 3.. You hit the nail on the London Stock exchange or wherever the financial viability of carrier! Fares fares are too high to travel to the nature Island Dominica see... 4 p.m. and arrive at Douglas Charles Airport at 4:45 p.m you all need change... Odds, LIAT has been crippled as a 747-300 worldwide including most popular destination among LIAT Airlines booking... Any submissions made on our comment section, are solely the views of the new airline a. Example look at making regional travel less expensive Airport counter and ramp staff as much as i ’! And stimulate regional trade and to do since West Indies Federation bad taste in Caribbean people need to work ’... And departures, via routes and schedules base in Barbados, unless is.

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