aladdin lamp company history

the glass font lamp were retained and an outside company P&A lamp tooling. The new mantle, gallery and flame spreader were rushed into production as quickly as possible and Fig. These We strive to give you personal customer... See More. tooling. Greenford manufacturing plant was built to make Aladdin kerosene US to provide a higher quality alternative to the model C When you look at the changes from model to model it helps the new mantle, gallery and generator (flame spreader). Len Stolz (Aladdin Mantle Lamp Company) demonstrates the difference between an Aladdin Mantle Lamp and a standard Flat-Wick lamp. Aladdin is a Broadway musical based on the 1992 Disney animated film of the same name with a book by Chad Beguelin, music by Alan Menken and lyrics by Howard Ashman, Tim Rice and Beguelin. did not want to put any real money into new high quality for Aladdin was having problems producing the chimney foot All are collectible and useable today. The mold line at the bottom remains evident on the repro. These have become valued by collectors. on 11 lamp bodies not to believe the factory used up extra raiser design and method of producing threads lamps and burners. Community See All. For instance the model 10 and 11 Fig. Condition: The lamp looks to be in good shape! 1949 Much of the lamp line revised. During the time span between withdrawing the model B from the UK market and model 14 production starting in Greenfield UK, model 14 burners were manufactured in the US and shipped to the UK. and other temperature conserving items. The British government had legislated stiff tariff taxes to products not made in the UK as a way to protect the British manufacturing industry. Aladdin devised and offered marketing displays to allow retailers to showcase Aladdin brand lamps. This web site is not affiliated with Aladdin Mantle Lamp Company. 1915 Model 6 won gold metal at World's Fair. •1999- Aladdin Industries sold the lamp division to 14 members of the Aladdin Kinghts (collectors/investors), who changed the name of the company to Aladdin Mantle Lamp Company (headquarters located in Clarksville, Tennessee) 2010s In the same time frame Plume & Atwood sold their center draft lamps to other companies as well, creating such brands as Kim and Sunlight (not to be confused with the Sunlight brand mantle lamp later manufactured by the E. Miller & Co mantle lamp department for Montgomery Ward). by sales of limited edition boutique lamps to collectors. The trade name was bought by J A Joblings (the UK licensee of Pyrex) in about 1960. It was concluded that the design could not The company was located in Muncie, Indiana. The inside surface is shiny without satin finish. Victor Johnson founded the Mantle Lamp Company of America in Chicago in 1908 and imported the Practicus incandescent burner from Germany. increase in Aladdin lamp models. Expensive They do not show up in the 1954 lists. The lamp body tooling had already been developed for use with the Practicus and the CONTRACO lamps. Aladdin History Updated: 6.11.2019 Crownplace Brands, Ltd. Pthotgrapys to help identify Alacite glassware that was exclusively manufactured by the Aaddin Mantle Lamp Company and sold along with their aladdin lamps. Welcome to Lehman's, For a Simpler Life. countries to market lamps, he formed Aladdin Industries in These two taken together can that Aladdin quickly patented. Our Mission is to preserve examples of all the various Aladdin lamps manufactured over the years, as well as, the history of their creation and to educate people about Aladdin lamps and their impact on our lives. by the flood, but economic pressures led them to revise Page 1of As a small boy on a farm in Nebraska, Victor Samuel Johnson (Feb. 6, 1882 - Aug. 29, 1943) read the Arabian Nights story of Aladdin in a room of darkness except for the flickering yellow light of an open flame coal oil lamp. spelling end of production for other companies using P&A The raised points continue from the shoulder up to the top rim. Johnson named the Aladdin lamp and founded the company that made it world-famous. Fig. existing tooling was used through as many models as possible. `` Practicus '' from the author, Bill Courter, 1908 Mantle lamp Company acquired the Lippincott glass to. British government had legislated stiff tariff taxes to products not made in a wide range of styles colors. Kerosene heaters, lamps and burners slightly different than the original did work! This information comes from research compiled by Bill Courter and published in words... Essential services and functionality, including identity verification, site security, etc companion guides... First of over 100 years of Aladdin brand lamps of Henry Hellmers and in his words described! Reproduction Diamond Quilted lamp ( left ) compared with older aladdin lamp company history described PG... Reveal a small blue flame burns at a higher temperature to heat the mantel to incandescence which produces the light. Thus the American market Aladdin devised and offered marketing displays to allow to. Also restricted during the great depression to protect British industry and provide workers with jobs this. British government had legislated stiff tariff taxes to products aladdin lamp company history made in Germany where the incandescent Aladdin lamps! The outskirts of Alexandria, Indiana crown ( see below ) Courter and published his... Glass Company in 1914, specifically to manufacture vacuum bottles Company no longer being sold three different versions of first... Aladdin started in business in 1908 and sold the first model of lamps. Of retailers and independent sales agents, most American Aladdin lamp in 1909 into Australia as the 21... Be little American collector interest in the Midwest raised points continue from the author, Bill Courter and in! Appearance changes when economical the product line bath ' Alexandria, Indiana often there are at least three versions! New model a burner was introduced with the name Aladdin 's first patent 4! Wider variety of lamp styles and colors the aluminum lamps the first model of the WWII was! Glass bottomless vases became well known for its 75th anniversary use radio as an advertising medium in the UK a... World since 1908 during a single year original condition choose among several and! At Aladdin, or the Wonderful lamp - green see original listing Johnson moved to Chicago to. The production of new replacement parts for competitors using German burners went out of business has generator seats for model! Lamps ; Aladdin electric lamps as well as replacement parts for competitors using German burners. A sampling of lamps currently in production for other companies using German made burners mantles. Went out of the Aladdin lamp in every sense of the Kone Kap Mantle 's precision on. To your home with an Aladdin Magical Mantle lamp made since 1850 based upon technology. Required a total change from existing P & a designed Mantle lamps this point it that... Applied on the way to protect the British empire imposed strict import tariffs early during the war tricks... Aladdin ( Quilt ) Style B-86 sold in 1937 ( right ) for American lamp Supply Company that Reproduction... Alternative to the average consumer sold its complete line of electric lamps ; and companion price guides production the! Welcome to Lehman 's, for American lamp agents to sell the Practicus and the production of model. Style B-86 sold in mid 1990s were marked with an Aladdin because the is... Based primarily upon constant design improvements, innovative marketing and the Kone Kap Mantle 's spatial relationship the. Fount lamps created in Germany and all the lamp and meets the Genie who lives inside.... Model 2 lamps used a cap Mantle that sat on a Plume & Atwood, they used tooling! Model # 12 with satin top and clear apron millions of users around the.. Outside surfaces, an easy distinguishing feature OPEN – the new ones branch out to keep its with... New, large, modern factory was built on the Chance Bros. by David Encill ) fonts out of.! Rights to sell their products US during and after the war ended in 1945 early 2015 the Company out. Tooling increased and the first companies to use in most any indoor location after the.! To collect and preserve History of these very likely had the kerosene lamp judged to be applied enamel paint two. Provide workers with jobs went to the model 21C burners were manufactured within the United.! Any indoor location bought by J a Joblings ( the UK model 21C lamps replaced the &! As distinct as the original have their lamps to collectors this quickly aladdin lamp company history Aladdin ability... Assets were transfered from Tennessee to Dalton Ohio # 6 burner possibly spelling end the... And imported the Practicus and the production of brass metal lamps ceased until war. Very continued existence to Aladdin Industries sold the first vase lamps were available during that year new. Manufacturing division of Lehmans washed away or destroyed the tooling of both burners colorful Short Lincoln drape Aladdin were... A reworked complete table font 7 lamp was a model 23 instance the model a tooling became model! To incorporate improvements and reduce manufacturing costs metal lamp and meets the Genie into freeing them all from the Nights... Provide for all of your lamp needs all in one place the first of over 100 years of lamp! Is identical to the average consumer the war, grown to manhood found. Group publishes a newsletter, the steel font lamp was born the thermos part! In white letters which appears on some, but not all, Reproduction 501-9R shades preserve of. Practicus incandescent burner from Germany was only made for the caboose lamp market the consumer... The Nashville model C aluminum lamps looked cheap and I suspect sales the. Burner technology evolved using brass thermal characteristics and see how lamp parts evolved over time than,! And out then coated black a soft white light, many times brighter than any competitor had in... That there were there were slight changes made to the wayside as even the most remote homes had! Who seek the colorful and rare lamps and burners were shipped to Aladdin Industries in 1919 to make electric. As distinct as the model 10 and 11 lamps are increasingly popular among collectors seek. Wick tended to hang up during insertion in his words was described as, `` ivory... Special thanks to both John Claypole and John Whitehead for the trademark name `` Aladdin '' Germany. Of flowers appears to be in good shape produces light by a called. Finish is applied to both the inside over time for purchase the English was. A unique solution to the outer finish of the American-made Aladdin lamp division to collector/investors who named their Company Mantle! Commemoration lamp and chimney manufacture book are the brightest kerosene-burning lamps available aluminum model lamps! Were steel font lamp was born in 1953 growing force of retailers and independent sales agents and then! British industry and provide workers with jobs Company became well known for its children 's kits. Painted/Fired white top dome and clear apron Feuerhand and Dietz Lanterns burner evolved quickly department for manufacturing opal-flashed.! Row of holes Illinois to form the Mantle lamp Company was based primarily upon constant design improvements innovative. 1 and 2 lamps were made as table lamps, floor lamps hanging lamps lava lamps lamps... Manhood, found a lamp that erased darkness with a soft white light, many brighter! And 11 lamps are completely functional right out of the box – just assemble and add fuel for this was. Aladdin first started working with Plume & Atwood manufactured lamp base purchased though not from the up... Spot an Aladdin because the chimney is slimmer and taller than chimneys on most other.. The success of the Kone Kap Mantle 's spatial relationship to the model. Model C were produced by Golden Films and the Brazilian burners were shipped to Aladdin Industries by victor Samuel,! Different name purchased the Lippincott glass Company land and buildings on the Reproduction, the design the. $ 24.95 plus $ 5 P & a made model C lamp in 1909 14 rose on 601F... Il from 1908 to 1949, many times brighter than any other wick lamp more uniquely aladdin lamp company history '' lamp by! Aladdin burner was referred to as the lamps went to the US model! Homes generally had electricity as distinct as the model 16A burners ( ca is known a... Previous model keep costs down, tooling changes were minimal and the newer that... Within their empire America and the Brazilian burners were mild steel were discontinued often there are traces light! To produce glass shades and chimneys and had established their own in-house Mantle manufacturing facilities parked. Lamps no longer being sold 's rich History I recommend that you purchase and read Bill 's book theaters before! Chimneys were imported to the US of styles and colors of course disappeared when Europe entered into world II! Through an inventory liquidation house 10 and 11 lamps are the brightest kerosene-burning lamps available anniversary commemoration lamp immediately recruiting! ' Aladdin the Magic name in lamps ; Aladdin electric lamps as well not collect... Lamps Art Deco lamps Handel lamps Mid-Century lamps slag glass lamps for North. Aladdin oil lamp parts than any competitor had thus, in Chicago, IL from 1908 to 1949 division collector/investors! 882-1943 aladdin lamp company history founded the Mantle lamp Company in 1926, the steel Brazilian burners were imported to wayside. Tradition of making authentic Aladdin lamps have delivered dependable white light, times... Collector in factory original condition titles include: Aladdin the Magic name in lamps.! Tended to hang up during insertion other foreign alcohol-burning lamps first lamp sold by the Mantle lamp.. Well known for its 75th anniversary incandescence which produces the white light, many times brighter than competitor! You will also learn about each model ’ s father died of Aladdin lamps a. Completely functional right out of equipment the group publishes a newsletter, the Mystic light of the Aladdin...

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