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Production on the six-episode[26] series reportedly began during March 2011,[27] with Lara Pulver joining the series as an "ambitious, hungry" new spook "determined to make her mark". The governments of several nations (principally the United States and its CIA, Russia's FSB, and a shadowy third organisation composed of disenfranchised members of other agencies, including MI5) are woven throughout the plot. In the United States, the show is broadcast under the title MI-5. In 2005, the video game The Grid (a promotion for Spooks series 3) was nominated for a Webby Award under the category of Best Game. Harry's Game – Feature, Top Ten Spooks Moments. Episode Ep. According to The Guardian newspaper, the day the first episode aired, "The similarities were sufficient to cause head of drama Jane Tranter and new BBC One controller Peter Fincham to agonise over whether to drop the episodes. Series 1–8 have been released on DVD by Contender Home Entertainment with its successor Entertainment One then taking over; series 9 was released by Universal Playback. He refused and she was killed. Also returning from the TV series are Tim McInnerny as Oliver Mace, Lara Pulver as Erin Watts, Hugh Simon as Malcolm Wynn-Jones, and Geoffrey Streatfeild as Calum Reed. Episodes were originally aired with no credits on BBC One, a choice made to maintain an atmosphere of the anonymity of real-life spies and the drama of each episode. Each episode ends with the final scene freezing and changing to a black-and-white negative image that then compresses with a distinctive sound effect into a flat white line against a black screen. The following week Spooks assumed a 9 pm Thursday slot, a break from the Monday 9 pm slot the previous series had traditionally occupied. In Canada, the programme originally aired as MI-5 but now airs on BBC Canada as Spooks. Episode guide to the first two series, and background information on MI5 and the making of the series. Ivan Radford | On 04, May 2015. The individual episodes have no official titles, though there are internal working titles. A new website called "Spooks Interactive" was created to coincide with the launch of the series. Based from the consolidated ratings from the ninth series for BBC One. Yes there are only 10 episodes per season but that gives you some idea of the amount of thought that goes into every episode. The tracks used are "Beirut, a War Zone" and "Operation Dinner Out". BBC One's groundbreaking spy thriller kicked off in 2002 - and actress Nicola Walker, who played Ruth Evershed in 57 episodes between 2003 and 2011, doesn't think we'll see its like again. Harry then decides to return to MI5, the prospect of a normal life, whatever that would mean without Ruth, no longer appealing to him. "The Virus, Part 2" airs right after "Part 1" on BBC Three; The series would continue on BBC One a week after the BBC Three broadcast, "Split Loyalties" on 28 October 2008 on BBC One; the rest of the series would continue on BBC One a week after the BBC Three broadcast, "Series 8, Episode 2" onward would air from 11 November 2009 onwards on BBC One, The episode did not appear in the top 30 viewings on the BARB website, only overnight ratings data would be available, British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Series, "Weekly Top 30 Programmes (See weeks ending May 19 to 23 Jun 2002)", "Weekly Top 30 Programmes (See weeks ending Jun 8 to 17 Aug 2003)", "Weekly Top 30 Programmes (See weeks ending Oct 17 8 to 19 Dec 2004)", "Weekly Top 30 Programmes (See weeks ending Sep 18 to 13 Nov 2005)", "Weekly Top 30 Programmes (See weeks ending Sep 17 to 19 Nov 2005)", "Weekly Top 30 Programmes (See weeks ending Oct 21 to 23 Dec 2007)", "Weekly Top 30 Programmes (See weeks ending Nov 2 to 14 Dec 2008)", "Weekly Top 30 Programmes (See weeks ending Nov 8 to 27 Dec 2009)", "Weekly Top 30 Programmes (See weeks ending Sep 26 to 14 Dec Nov 2010)", "Weekly Top 30 Programmes (See weeks ending Sep 18 2011",, Lists of British action television series episodes, Lists of British espionage television series episodes, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Jonathan Brackley & Sam Vincent & Oliver Brown, This page was last edited on 1 January 2021, at 21:02. Simon Abkarian plays the Iranian Special Consul liaising with the various governments. iPhones hadn’t been invented yet. Spooks: series 10, episode six So Farewell, Harry, Ruth, uncle Tom Quinn and all. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 13 years since Spooks first arrived on our TV screens. With Peter Firth, Hugh Simon, Nicola Walker, Rupert Penry-Jones. Credited wholly or partly on five of the eight episodes, new head writers Jonathan Brackley and Sam Vincent write Spooks sharper and smarter. Read Vicky Frost's episode seven blog. The only character other than Harry who has been in the programme since its inception, Malcolm Wynn-Jones, departs stating simply that he is "too old". However, it has struggled for popularity in some areas, notably the United States; two of the three channels to have broadcast Spooks in the US pulled the show during the fourth series due to low viewing figures. "Nest of Angels" was broadcast on 9 June 2003 on BBC One; the rest of the series (apart from the finale) would usually rebroadcast on BBC One seven days after the BBC Three broadcast. Tense drama series about the different challenges faced by the British Security Service as they work against the clock to safeguard the nation. The second part followed the next day (18 September), marking Spooks's return to BBC One's Monday night schedule. While defusing the bomb, Connie is killed by its conventional explosives. Audio commentaries, "behind the scenes" featurettes, deleted scenes and DVD ROM content, including PDF scripts, wallpapers and image gallery. Created by David Wolstencroft. Spy drama Spooks is being axed by the BBC. In it, elements within the British Government, MI6 and the UK press conspire in an attempt to overthrow the Parliament and the Prime Minister. Tom Quinn and his team of MI5 experts hunt an extremely dangerous pro-life terrorist. 2 audio commentaries from the location managers, 2 audio commentaries with the producer and writer, a "behind the scenes" documentary on episode 6.8, series 6 trailers, 4 cast interviews and Miranda's video diary. His replacement comes in the form of much younger technician Tariq Masood (Shazad Latif). And now we faced the final curtain. This same location was later used as Thames House in Torchwood: Children of Earth. All series of Spooks (most episodes cut down to 50 minutes) are available on iTunes, with series 7, 8, 9 and 10 becoming available to download one week after original broadcast. [29] It began airing on BBC One on Sunday 18 September 2011 at 9:00 pm, moving from its traditional weekday evening slot,[30] with the final episode airing on 23 October 2011. Based from the consolidated ratings from the first series for BBC One. Share This page is a full, ordered list of every episode of Spooks, which has (to date) run for more than 80 episodes over nine series from 13 May 2002 to the present day. The series is a popular export, syndicated to more than 26 countries. MI5 investigate the abduction of a famous couple's child. From its debut until its finale on 23 October 2011, 86 episodes were aired across ten complete series. He later takes over Tom's position as Section Chief after the latter jeopardised an important operation. The climactic scene was a showdown between Harry and Lucas on top of a tower block in London. This is alist of episodes of the television series Spooks.The series has 10 seasons.A listing of all episodes can be found below. Not only do they provide innovative new ways of getting round plot obstacles (Need a character to diffuse a bomb? Spoiler alert: This weekly blog is for those who have been watching Spooks series eight. Series seven through nine have eight episodes each. [10], In episode six, Zoe is taken to court for misconduct during an operation and is forced to leave MI5 and assume a new identity in Chile. Iain Glen and Laila Rouass also joined the series, playing Vaughn Edwards and Maya Lahan – figures from Lucas's mysterious past.[25]. Richard Armitage joins the cast as Lucas North, an agent who has been held in a Russian prison for the past eight years and released as part of a spy exchange. Spooks says we're still in charge, still masterful, still dynamically resourceful. Each episode ends with the final scene freezing and changing to a black-and-white negative image that then compresses with a distinctive sound effect into a flat white line against a black screen. BBC Three airings included a brief credit sequence following the trailer and before the Kudos and BBC logos. [78], Exact figure: 7.491666667, calculated from. [24], New cast members in this series include Sophia Myles and Max Brown as MI5 officers and Simon Russell Beale as the Home Secretary. Also joining the series were Geoffrey Streatfeild, Alice Krige and Jonathan Hyde, while Peter Firth, Nicola Walker, Max Brown, Shazad Latif and Simon Russell Beale reprised their roles, as well as Matthew Macfadyen in a cameo role in the final episode. [71][72] The show started filming in Bradford in 2008 and the first[73] and second episodes were broadcast on 10 August 2008. Based from the consolidated ratings from the second series for BBC One, with the exception of the sixth episode which are not available. Kit Harington and Jennifer Ehle star as new characters in leading roles. Other landmarks commonly used included the London Underground, and the Millennium Bridge. Her character is replaced by Jo Portman (played by Miranda Raison), a new arrival at MI5 who was recruited by Adam in a previous episode. Following Adam's death, Ros is made the section leader and Lucas replaces her as a Senior Case officer. Series seven of Spooks began airing on 27 October 2008 for an eight-episode run. Peter Firth (Harry Pearce) Peter Firth was the main star of Spooks and played the role of Sir Harry … Many scenes are filmed in and around the Docklands, especially Canary Wharf, Rotherhithe, London Bridge and Greenwich (including The Old Royal Naval College) area as well as the More London development. * Add a series, marathon, or film to your watch list. The first series has six episodes, and series two through six have 10 episodes each. Based from the consolidated ratings from the fourth series for BBC One. "The Sleeper" on 18 October 2004 on BBC One; the rest of the series would continue on BBC One two days after the BBC Three broadcast. Establishing shots of the SIS Building were also used for scenes involving members of the Secret Intelligence Service or MI6. The storyline involves a terrorist bombing central London, something that, in reality, took place on 7 July, two months prior to the airing but after the filming was already complete. In 2003 it won the British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Series. The ninth series aired between September and November 2010. This series concludes with the revelation of a plot to force Britain and Russia into war. The first episode features Rupert Penry-Jones as Adam Carter, who was drafted in from MI6 to help investigate Tom's disappearance. In the final episode of Series two, music from the film score Spy Game was used—composed by Harry Gregson-Williams.

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